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Mp3 Player of Capsule size

Everyday technology is growing with lightning speed, Because of this technology every thing is coming to our pocket in very small size.Now technology again making music system to more small one.
This is as small as your medicine capsule.You can have good numbers of music as well.The Whole control of this mp3 player is on it`s surface, If you do not like any song twist it and this will work as fast forward or next music track.If you want to repeat the song just twist it again.3936483609_60d010a4e1It supports USB drive so you can easily transfer music from Laptop or Computer to this mp3 player. In this you can run Mp3 and WMA files as well.It has seven equalizers. This small mp3 player have 30 channels of radio and you can record as well.

5 Simple Reasons Why PCs Crashes


Have you seen this blue screen ! this is the death screen for Windows those who uses Windows will be familiar with this.This screen will be struck when the PC crashes.
Their are five simple reasons for the system crash those are shown below

1. Hardware Conflict
vsta_dvce_mngr_dvc_cnflctThe First reason for window system crash is hardware conflict.Each hardware device communicate to other devices using Interrupt Request Channel (IRQ).Each device will have unique IRQ in normal situations.If the devices are not installed properly and when the user tries to use two or more devices which are sharing same IRQ at the same time , their is a chance for crash.To check these hardware conflicts use this path
Start—>Settings-->Control Panel—>System—>Device Manager
If a device has a problem a yellow ‘!’ appears next to its description in the Drive Manager.


How To Retrieve Lost Pictures When System Crashes

Pc Crash HouseWife
A Computer Crash can be a traumatic event,forcing you to hope that valuable data was not lost as your computer staggers back into life.Even if you reboot the computer to find that treasured photos are missing, often you can recover those photos by turning the clock with Windows System Restore feature.
You have to follow the bellow steps to get your pictures


Hard Drive Duplicator

century-hard-disk-copier-450x278 century_hdd-duplicator1-thumb-450x337
Now a days every one tries to backup or recover their data in hard drives this is a good idea but it consumes our worthful time to avoid this problem Hard Drive Duplicator could help.Aleratec 1:1 HDD PortaCruiser is one of best Hard Drive Duplicator.It lets us clone 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch hard drives with ease and supports both IDE and SATA Hard Disk Drives.