Macro Virus

Macro Virus is a rogue a anti-spyware program.Is a Malware type virus,which disguises it self as a legitimate program.Macro Virus infiltrates system by using Trojans,such as Zolb and its counterparts,and uses scare tactics,including popups and fake system security notifications to convince the user that he/she is infected and should therefore use Macro Virus to remove the infection.This virus was written in Macro language,which is commonly built into word processing applications.In general macro is a series of commands and executions that help automate specific tasks.

A macro virus may be distributed via email,floppy disk,network sharing,a modem and compromised sites on the internet.Since most macros automatically start when a document is opened and closed,a macro virus seeks to replace the original with it`s malicious code.A macro virus has the ability to infect nearly any system running word processing software.The virus has been known to attack computers running Mac OSX,Windows and other platforms that are compatible with Microsoft Word.
The best defense against a macro virus is a reliable anti-virus program.A good scanner will check every file and directory in your system and even scan emails and attachments before you even open them.


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